Tonal method is a technique that very gently helps bring ease and balance to the nervous system. Patients who might benefit from some tonal work would be:

  • feeling of always running in overdrive
  • constant state of stress
  • excessive worrying
  • anxiousness
  • inability to relax

All of these signs listed above indicate that the nervous system is working in a constant state of fight or flight. While the sympathetic nervous system has a very important job of keeping us awake, aware and alive in times of immediate danger, it becomes a problem when we are stuck in this type of state for an extended period of time. Being stuck in this state when we are not faced with an immediate danger is referred to as sympathetic dominance and it is becoming increasingly common in our current society. The body has a difficult time discriminating between what is an immediate threat to our survival (running from a tiger) and modern day stress (busy schedules, financial worries). It interprets all of these stressors the same, as an immediate danger which turns up the sympathetic nervous system more frequently than is actually necessary.

Tonal technique helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system an important “check and counter-balance” to the sympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for activating the commonly known activities of “rest and digest”, but it is also the state of the body that is regenerative and healing. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, we bring balance back to the body and move it more towards it’s innate state of healing. It’s a magical transformation to let go of our stress and anxiety and move more towards a state of ease and healing.

Tonal technique sessions are offered in a group setting with three or four patients receiving care concurrently. Dr. Christina will move from one patient to another (each quietly lying on a table) in a gentle flow and work with each patient in succession. It is a very sacred space with each person’s individual energy contributing to the overall experience. When the session is complete, patients leave feeling calm, relaxed and centered.

If you are interesting in experiencing a group tonal session, please let us know. Tonal sessions are generally held once a week in the evenings and, because several patients can be treated at once, the cost per session is only $25. Contact us to book a spot at our next tonal session!!!