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The Floyd Salt Room

Salt has been recognized for it’s therapeutic properties for generations. Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) creates a relaxing and therapeutic experience for the user. This is done by creating an aerosol of dry salt so the small particles can come into contact with the skin and respiratory system which can be particularly beneficial for a variety of respiratory and skin conditions.

According to the Lung Institute, salt therapy has some incredible properties including:

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Loosens excessive mucus
  • Increases mucociliary transport (helps clear lungs)
  • Removes pathogens
  • Reduces IgE level (immune system oversensitivity)

Our unique, state of the art Halogenerator creates a cloud of small dry salt particle that, when inhaled, can reach deep regions of the lungs to bring it’s properties to areas where other therapies can’t reach. Inhaling dry salt has different benefits than a wet saline solution. Click the video link below to see our halogenorator in action! 

Our halogenerator only releases the finest of salt particles into the air. The finest particles are sucked up into a vortex and released from the top of the machine. This is an extremely efficient way of getting the benefits of salt therapy. Users receive the full benefits of a traditional salt cave within a much shorter period of time. Even 5 or 10 minute sessions in the Floyd Salt Room creates a noticeable effect.  

It also uses much less salt than traditional halogenerators, which means that there’s not salt getting on your clothes, shoes and other belongings. This is a much more user-friendly experience. It fits into your day perfectly. Come in, turn on the machine, sit down, rest. 

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