A list of current offerings available in our office

We offer structurally based chiropractic treatment, neurosensory intergration and functional genetic services

Advanced Biostructural Correction

A very effective form of permanent postural correction, which relieves stress on the body.

Neurosensory Integration

A neurological based approach to helping patients manage the struggles of ADD/ADHD, Sensory processing disorder, Autism spectrum disorder

Functional Genetic Nutrition

Since the completion of the genome project, a tremendous amount of information has been collected. With this breakthrough we are able to determine your individual need for supplements, taking the guesswork out of developing an effective supplementation protocol. You will be on your way to optimizing your genetic potential and manifesting a life of wellness.

Amethyst Biomat Sessions

Far infrared heat and the beneficial properties of amethyst combine for a deeply comforting experience.

Tonal Services

A gentle Tonal technique that relieves stress and brings ease and balance to the nervous system

Community Space

Would your organization like to hold a local meeting at our office? We offer use of our space to organizations whose values are congruent with those of our office as a service to the Floyd community.

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Christina Alba

Dr. Christina Alba


Dr. Alba completed the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Cleveland University-Kansas City in August 2018 before relocating to southwest Virginia. She is skilled in the ABC™ technique as well as the Webster prenatal adjusting protocol. She has a passion for treating patients of all ages, including children and is opening her family chiropractic office in Floyd, VA. This work is very near and dear to her because she can’t think of any better way to be of service to her community than by improving the lives of it's children.


Hear what some of our patients have to say about their experience with Dr. Christina Alba
Anne H.

Anne H.


Christina is the first Chiropractor I've ever been to that was able to reduce my pelvic instability. Her thoroughness is in stark contrast to most Chiros 'fast food service' of 15min appointments. I have seen multiple chiropractors in the NRV but ABC is the first method that has addressed my lumbar issues. Since starting I've gained height, mobility, and pain relief.

Anna M.

Anna M.

Since having Christina treat me I have felt so much better. She helps my body relax, release and realign. My muscle tension has decreased. She helped me immensely with hip and back pain during my pregnancy. I was able to have an amazing birth for my second son; the way I dreamed of having him after a very challenging birth with my first son. Since birth she has helped decrease my upper back pain. My posture is better and problems that I've had for years with my lower back and pelvis are finally reversing.

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